Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sha Tin Heights Tunnel

Sha Tin Heights Tunnel is the newest tunnel in Hong Kong. It is part of . The tunnel spanned from a toll plaza in Sha Tin Valley through Sha Tin Heights to Tai Wai. The toll plaza is also connected to Eagle's Nest Tunnel, a tunnel to Cheung Sha Wan and Lai Chi Kok. The Tai Wai entrance is near Pak Shek, with roads connected to Che Kung Mui Road and Tai Po Road. The tunnel toll free and is opened 24 hours a day.

The Sha Tin Heights Tunnel project involves the construction of 0.9km of road tunnel and a toll plaza, along with connecting roads to Road T3 and slip roads to Che Kung Miu Road. The project has an estimated cost of HK$1.308 billion. The excavation of the tunnel was started in November 2002 and completion is scheduled for November 2007-early 2008. The project is being undertaken by the Civil Engineering and Development Department in Hong Kong. The project includes:

*Site formation, drainage, geotechnical and landscape works for the toll plaza
*0.9km of three-lane twin-bore tunnel underneath Sha Tin Heights
*Dual, two-lane at-grade carriageway of 0.7km linking the Sha Tin Heights Tunnel and Road T3
*Slip roads connecting to Che Kung Miu Road
*Construction of noise mitigation measures

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